Excited and grateful for the opportunity to develop a new web site Extreme Landscape LLC, a Spooner, Wisconsin area hardscape company specializing in delivering custom hardscape services and landscaping services in Northwest Wisconsin including paver patios, brick pathways, edgings for trees and flower gardens, rock and stone retaining walls, plant beds, fire rings, custom septic tank coverings, and lawn prep and seeding services.

Web Site: https://extreme-landscape.com

Why EXTREME LANDSCAPE in Northwest Wisconsin? They will do just about anything landscape related from hardscapes to prepping/seeding a lawn. Their landscaping services are being enjoyed by property owners throughout Northwest Wisconsin including Hayward, Cable, Spooner, Trego, Minong and Rice Lake!

  • Hardscapes – paver patios, retaining walls (rock and block)
  • Lawn prep and seeded
  • Pathways & walkways
  • Custom driveway gates
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Custom jobs!